Announcement [APRIL FOOLS] We are commencing emergency tiering action

As many of you know and are aware of, the NatDex UU ladder has been somewhat subject to ridicule, both by other tiers and its own playerbase, due to poor quality since not long after it was introduced. Every month, extremely unviable Pokemon like Donphan and Breloom frequently see more usage than A+ titans of the metagame, and even lower ranked but viable Pokemon see vastly more usage than makes sense - see Mega Beedrill somehow consistently seeing 10%+ usage despite only having a very specific usecase (which doesn't even exist anymore but there hasn't been a new month of usage since Alakazam's ban) and not being very good outside of it, on top of needing vast amounts of support to overcome a glaring rocks weakness in a meta starved for decent hazard control. Worse still, ladder quality is actively impacting NDRU by taking Pokemon that would otherwise be solid picks but aren't any actual good in NDUU, and even occasionally dropping Pokemon that are being considered for suspect or are even currently being suspect tested in NDUU. And yes, this has happened. Hawlucha fell to NDRU along with Tapu Bulu despite being a borderline autowin button with the Taunt SD set behind screens. And, evidently, it's not going to get better.

For this reason, after consulting with NatDex higher ups, in order to promote ladder quality with quick and decisive action, make the ladder and by extension the tier respected again outside of tournament circles, give NDRU back the Pokemon they rightfully deserve, and save ladder players from themselves, we have decided to enact emergency tiering powers and crown me the official Supreme Dictator of NatDex UU (I'm not sure who came up with that title but that's what was decided, apparently), as I am already Tier Leader. This was not a decision we made lightly. I love democracy, and I love the tier, and I accept this position with great reluctance. That is why, when this crisis is resolved, I will return power to you, the players.

My first acts as Supreme Dictator are as follows:

  • Pokemon who are currently unranked but clear the 4.52% usage threshold, and are not being considered for ranking in the near future, will no longer be usable on the ladder. They are not banned, so they will fall to NDRU instead of being UUBL. We will refer to these Pokemon as being "Blacklisted".
  • Allow the usage of Tyranitar and Blissey in NDUU, as, after consulting with NDOU players, it is agreed they should have dropped a while ago.
  • Prohibit the usage of Melmetal and Rotom-Wash until such a time they rise back up to NDOU, where NDOU players also agree it should be. Seriously, Melmetal is A- in NDOU. We were going to suspect test it after shifts anyways. Rotom-Wash is, I'm told, part of one of the more effective NDOU cores right now.
  • Unban Giratina-Origin. It was suspect tested in OU a few gens back, actually, and I'm not sure why it was never attempted to be retested again. It lacks any effective setup moves such as Dragon Dance and cannot use Z Moves, so functionally speaking it's just a slower, bulkier, but more powerful Regional Dex Dragapult that can't hold items and has no good Dragon-type STAB. It is highly probable that power creep has made it tame here, especially as we're freeing Tyranitar, who theoretically walls most sets.
  • Unban Mega Medicham. It is countered by up and coming (and highly influential) meta threat Spiritomb and meta staple Aegislash (at least, unless it runs the very mediocre Fire Punch, letting it get Kings Shielded). Also, it wastes the mega slot normally occupied by Mega Altaria, widely regarded to be among the two best Pokemon in the tier, so it is clear that it wouldn't actually be any good here. I am not unbanning Mega Gallade because... what's the point? It gets countered by Spiritomb even harder, so it'll just get Blacklisted and trapped in RUBL once Spiritomb rises.

That is all for now. More acts will follow in the coming days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Tagging @ Kris to implement this on ladder. Thanks in advance.

- Apparent Supreme Dictator of NDUU, Niadev

April Fools! Sadly, ladder is still going to steal the most bizarre things from RU, and Tyranitar and Blissey are still going to evade us, and Melmetal and Rotom-Wash are still NDUU. We're also probably never getting Giratina-O. Melmetal suspect tomorrow, though! Wanted to keep this going a bit longer but it's already the 2nd where I live and I didn't want to have people worry this was actually legit if I was late to drop the reveal (even if nobody believed it).

I am, however, proud to announce that the "Niadev is the dictator of NDUU" joke has now reached its logical conclusion, and there is nowhere it can go from here. Also a little worried some NDRU players were in support of a dictatorship but that's neither here nor there.

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